First public release of Underscore Backup 2.0 beta and open registration for new backup service

The first release for the 2.0 beta has now been released and is available for download on for download from the Underscore Backup dedicated site at

The main new feature though is the introduction of this companion service that will help with many aspects of running Underscore Backup such as.

  • Keep all your sources organized in one place to easily restore from any of your backups to any other backup.
  • Help facilitate sharing of backup data with other users.
  • Optionally allow private key password recovery.
  • Easily access application UI even if running in a context where a desktop is unavailable, such as root on Linux.
  • Use as a backup destination. Storing backup data is the only feature that requires a paying subscription, giving you 512GB of backup storage per $5 per month.
  • Support multiple regions of data storage. Currently supporting Oregon, Frankfurt, and Singapore regions to satisfy latency and data governance requirements.

With this release, the registration for accounts on this service has also been opened.

On top of the companion service changes, the following features and improvements are implementing.

  • Switched from pbkdf2 to Argon2 for private key hashing function.
  • Introduced log rotation for the application log.
  • Move the schedule jitter onto a dedicated setting instead of a custom property and default to 1 hour.
  • Changed all references to passphrase to password.
  • Introduced a password strength meter which requires a score of at least “ok” when setting up.
  • Added detection of new versions and easily download and install from inside the application.

The one major feature planned before 2.0 is complete is to add continuous backup functionality.

Underscore Backup 2.0 still retains all the great features from version 1.x including privacy first focused asymmetric encryption, safe and secure backup sharing and flexible backup destination options.

Author: Henrik Johnson

Code Poet.

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