Here are some online services created and offered by our company.

Underscore Backup

Underscore Backup provides private, secure backups in the cloud of any size with minimal resource usage exactly the way you want them.

Your data is encrypted by default using encryption keys only available to you and before leaving your network. Backed up data is signed to ensure protection from tampering. Data can be stored with any amount of redundancy and even multiple backup locations simultaneously.

No information about the contents of your data is saved in any backup location. Only you can download and access your data. The services has been designed from the ground up to preserve the privacy and integrity of customers and their backed up data, you are not our product!

Complete control over what data should be backed up and where. How long data should be retained and how many versions to keep. Open source based with multi platform support for Windows, Mac (ARM and Intel), Linux and a generic Java 11 package.

Can handle any sized backup up such as tens of millions of files and petabytes of data in a single backup with very little local resource usage. Can sustain hundreds of MB/s of throughput for both backup and restore from a single instance.

Your Shared Secret

Do you have something that you would like to make sure is not lost when you are gone but do not have anybody that you are comfortable with sharing it with?

Instead of finding a third party like a lawyer that can hold and pass on your information, probably at considerable cost, and who might betray your confidence. Why not pass on a piece of your data to a group of friends or family that you trust?

Each one of your designated caretakers will get a piece of a password that only together with the pieces passed on to the rest of the group can be combined to retrieve your information. So instead of putting your trust in a single person you are trusting your designated group of caretakers to collectively act on your behalf and only by their cooperation can your information be retrieved.

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