Moving to WordPress for hosting

The website of Underscore Research is moving to WordPress from a .Net based self coded site hosted in Azure. This will allow us to easier do blogging and other site updates.

It does however preclude the site for hosting any kind of other services and these will be either discontinued such as in the case of the Nest Thermostat skill, or moved to other domain names (More on these in the fullness of time when they are ready).

Discontinuing Alexa skill for Nest Thermostat

Unfortunately the Alexa skill for controlling the Nest Thermostat has been discontinued. We are in a way a victim of our own success in that we have hit our limit for how many tokens Nest will issue the skill. Raising this limit has proven too cumbersome for something that is only available as a free service.

Fortunately the built in support for Nest on the Alexa platform has improved to a point where this skill is not needed that much anymore.