Discontinuing Alexa skill for Nest Thermostat

Unfortunately the Alexa skill for controlling the Nest Thermostat has been discontinued. We are in a way a victim of our own success in that we have hit our limit for how many tokens Nest will issue the skill. Raising this limit has proven too cumbersome for something that is only available as a free service.

Fortunately the built in support for Nest on the Alexa platform has improved to a point where this skill is not needed that much anymore.

Author: Henrik Johnson

Code Poet.

7 thoughts on “Discontinuing Alexa skill for Nest Thermostat”

  1. Ahhh! This is tragic. ( Took some digging to find your announcement. )

    Well- thank you while it lasted! I, for one, would have paid for it if presented with that option.

    Tomorrow I have to go thermostat shopping. The Nest-native skill stinks-on-ice.


  2. Oh dear god, deprecate the deprecation of this skill… Nest can not get their’s to work correctly. When you removed it my heart sank as I knew the pain and anguish I was about to experience even asking alexa to turn on the house fan. Days later and I’m a sobbing, quivering mess that’s still too hot to move, possibly with the the ppm of co2 too high, I’m not sure how to exist, shortly my mental state will begin to deteriorate.

    Let me pose to you a scenario that I experienced many years ago in High School.
    We had a vending machine for soda, it was populated with several types of soda, coke, Dr. Pepper, sprite, Mountain Dew (I’d rather have crab juice), etc. Now this particular vending machine had two buttons for coke, and neither coke selection was ever sold out. However, the Dr. Pepper was always empty. ALWAYS EMPTY… The torment of the students was high, suicide ran rampant and (possibly) school shootings were higher because of it. The school did attempt to fix it, logically (at first) by cannibalizing one of the extra coke slots for Dr. Pepper. There was much rejoicing and the Dr. Pepper conundrum seemed to have been addressed, but alas this relief was only temporary as the students realized just how popular the sugary sweet water was. Now, there was not but one continually empty Dr. Pepper slot, but TWO. This soared the student’s angst, causing much strife within the community, vandalism and beatings were on the rise and in a desperate attempt the school had to address the issue, and being a governmentally run institution they tackled the problem of supply and demand in only the best way they knew how. They completely depleted the supply. They removed all traces of Dr. Pepper from the vending machine thus ruining any hope of happiness possibly attained for the now sugar starved pupates.

    I’d like to point out that in this case your removed skill is the Dr. Pepper in this scenario, and you have solved the supply and demand issue in much the same way. Please don’t deprive us of your delicious product due to supply issues. I just can not bare another catastrophic disappointment via denial of a product I so adore.



  3. As I mentioned in the original post I have unfortunately ran out of “token” from Nest. I have asked for them to grant me additional tokens but they required me to redo the entire certification process. This was something that I did on my spare time to “scratch an itch” I had and I simply don’t have the spare time to go through the entire certification process again which would be required for me to re-enable the skill.


  4. Hello, I just wanted to chime in and also share my views similar to the first poster. I used this skill for many things like running the Nest fan with currently are not possible with the default Nest skill. I have reached out to both Nest support and Amazon support and they both point their fingers at each other as to who actually supports and develops the skill and neither will take responsibility or even acknowledge that their skill is features gaps and is just downright unreliable. Until recently I was using this skill and was saddened to hear Alex say that skill was no longer available. I contacted Amazon to try and track down what happened to this skill and they were useless. I ended up finding this from a Google Cached page at least now I know the reason why it was taken down, but I really hope that at some point the developer can find the time to revive the skill and get it working again. Thank you.


    1. Scott – if you see this, and if Mr. Johnson would be so kind as to allow –

      I’m running the fan now with IFTTT (If This Than That) integration.
      “If You say “Alexa trigger hallway fan”, then turn on Hallway Thermostat fan for 1 hours.”

      IFTTT is a free cloud service that can link IOT devices together. I have well over a hundred routines, building my own ESP8266 and ESP32 devices to control various things from the Echo.

      It’s point-and-click easy. You want to choose “Alexa” for the IF This, and “Nest” for the “THAN That” .

      Another one that is problematic is mode switching, the Nest skill doesn’t allow for it (apparently), so again – IFTTT to the rescue!
      Hope that helps take at least a little bit of the sting out! Although I still miss the ease of Mr. Johnson’s skill, it at least gets the job done, without my having to get out of bed like some cave-dwelling Neanderthal, and fiddle with the thermostat! đŸ˜‰


  5. FWIW: I appreciated it while it existed. I’m shopping for a better-supported thermostat, and would never again own a Nest product because of their horrible integration into such a basic infrastructure.

    Thank you again for what you offered us! It simply _worked_.


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